Project Information+

  • CLIENT Wyndham City Council

  • YEAR 2022
  • BUDGET –
  • STATUS Design Development
  • TYPE Walking Trail, Playspace and Amenities
  • LOCATION Werribee South, Victoria

Credits Design Team+

  • Michael Ford

  • Will Muhleisen
  • Veronica Lee
  • Nathan Distel
  • Stine Bertelsen


  • PlanCost

  • OPS Engineers
  • Architecture & Access
  • Bruce Stephens Playground Services

Implemented as part of the Wyndham Coastal & Marine Management Plan, Werribee South Beach Masterplan takes into consideration the site's unique coastal context, courtesy of a meandering bay trail ...
Implemented as part of the Wyndham Coastal & Marine Management Plan, Werribee South Beach Masterplan takes into consideration the site’s unique coastal context, courtesy of a meandering bay trail and shared path, which observes scenic Werribee River and a range of changing profiles.  Each proposed intervention takes advantage of spectacular views, providing opportunities for reflection and observation of the surrounding environment.  The beach precinct will be a first stop, and its new Changing Places facility will provide visitors living with disabilities with high quality, specialised amenities. The precinct will connect Price Reserve with the Werribee South Foreshore Reserve. The beach precinct will open out onto a paved plaza with sheltered picnic benches, outdoor shower and bike facilities, and equitable access down to Werribee South Beach’s best swimming location.  A hardwood timber ‘Wetland Lookout Deck’ will extend from the widened Bay Trail. At a natural high point, it provides a vantage point overlooking Graham’s Wetland Reserve. Visitors will be able to observe below, a significant habitat for local and migratory birds.  Widened paths create a safe route for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate onto the Bay Trail or onto future paths leading towards the Werribee River. The existing shared trail is to be widened along the length of the Werribee South Foreshore Reserve, and where required, will be regraded and reinstated to allow equitable access along the foreshore trail.
The sweeping bend of Beach Road around the steep cliff creates a tight space for the Bay Trail to reach the next beach. Local fishers use this point for its access to deep water. To widen the Bay Trail to 2.5m, a new fishing deck is proposed to extend over the existing rock revetment wall. This will widen to a platform for fishers, in order to provide safe space off the trail. A new regional playground is proposed for the foreshore, to replace the site’s ageing facility. The playspace looks out towards the mouth of the Werribee River, a significant habitat for the critically endangered Orange Bellied Parrot. The playground design encourages kids to jump into the migratory route of the parrot, flying from the breeding grounds on Tasmania’s west coast, across the sea to the winter foraging areas along Victoria’s coasts. Play elements encourage climbing, moving and exploring for older children, with gathering, balance and story elements for younger participants.  Two timber bird sculptures will serve as an iconic play element, with smaller climbing post ‘hollows’ and bird sculptures marking the migration route to the feeding ground. A border of coastal shrubs favoured by the parrot provides a buffer against the existing road edge.  Working with The City of Wyndham’s Climate Futures Office and their Environment and Sustainability team, Enlocus have designed the coastal edge to be resilient in the face of sea level rise and severe weather events, by expanding dune vegetation by 50% and adding a buffer to the beloved seaside lawns behind it.  Werribee South Beach Masterplan will be a partnership between Wyndham City Council and Enlocus’ project team.  In the first stage of works, the team will deliver an upgraded Bay Trail, Wetland Deck and Fishing Platform, with subsequent stages for delivery of the Orange Bellied Parrot Regional Playground, Beach Precinct and Beach Access Decks.

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